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Thursday, September 2, 2010



Australians are fortunate that they can freely choose whoever they wish to support them in the parliament and to govern this once great country.
This choice is usually made on the basis that the voter has studied his party’s choice and is WELL AWARE of their policies and what that party stands for.

But I find it hard to believe that the people who voted for the Greens are aware of all their policies.
So why did you vote for the Greens ?
Was it as one voter said ‘I thought they were nice people.’
Another said it was ‘because they care about the environment.’ As if no one else does.!!!!
Perhaps you were  disenchanted by the major parties and thought you would give your vote to the greens instead, without even knowing their policies or how dangerous they are.
I find it impossible to believe that anyone in their right mind would vote for the Greens if they knew the truth. Instead of all the lies they have told and policies that would put the fear  into the devil.

Did you know they want to introduce death duties.
That horrible archaic tax from the past that has caused an overwhelming amount of misery and grief to so many families. Rich and poor, it makes no difference. Everything is frozen till the tax man gets his share.
In the mean time families are torn apart.

They want to allow the boat people and other so called ‘environmental refugees’ free access to Australia without any limitations or health and security checks within two weeks of arrival.
Allowing them to live freely in our country, and worse to give them financial aid and housing.
 The flood of millions from Asia and everywhere else would totally devastate our country and terrorists  would be free to attack us from within the country , tearing us apart from the inside.

They want to increase taxes on large and small businesses by another 5%. As if small businesses are not already hanging on by their fingertips desperately trying to survive through a global financial crisis and the  painfully slow recovery. This could be a possible death blow to many small businesses.

They will demand farmers "remove as far as possible" all genetically modified  crops, which includes cotton worth  thirteen hundred million dollars a year. ($1.3 billion) a year.

They want to end "the mining and export of uranium", worth  nine hundred thousand million dollars ( $900 billion) a year.

They want to introduce a carbon tax on everything destroying whatever businesses that survive their other holocausts and force the cost of electricity (if we still have any) and other products  through the roof.

They intend  to lift foreign aid to a minimum of 0.7 per cent of GDP, which means an instant rise in handouts to their fanatics overseas  of four thousand million dollars ($4 billion) a year. This is partly due to the fact that their Copenhagen handout of seven thousand million dollars a year, thankfully failed, and this is another way of getting that money

They want to close down all coal mines in Australia and wipe out an industry that brings to the Australian people over sixty four thousand million dollars ($64billion)  a year to help pay for our hospitals, road, schools, family and child care, pensions, national defence, etc. etc.
Not only that but it would completely alienate our trade relationship with China, the backbone of our export economy.  Without China purchasing our resources our economy would be in total collapse and so would this country.
They want to close down all coal fired power stations and replace them with ‘Renewable energy”. Which might be O.K. if it was at all feasible but it is TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE to even achieve 5% renewable energy .Let alone 100% renewable energy.
It has been tried over the last thirty years or more in many countries with the resultant abject failure.
California has gone bankrupt trying with over 14000 wind generator failures and a return to thermal power generation. The total ‘renewable energy in California after 31 years is 2.3% and falling.
Spain is also bankrupt because of their renewable energy fiasco and are importing power. The cost of which has doubled and they now have an unemployment rate of over 20%.
Germany has over 7500 wind generators of which 2500 failed last year and they have returned to Thermal power which saved them last winter from total collapse.
With Denmark’s 5000 wind generators of which 2000 failed last year they are yet to reduce so called ‘CO2 emissions.’ By one gram and like the other countries rely on thermal power generation for backup.
The resultant failures in various countries  are always the same from many countries but the Greens flatly refuse to see the failures because they want to bring Australia to its knees and under their communist globalisation control.
 They have NO interest in our well being, only in their communist ideologies and are determined to destroy our economy.
Under that very thin cover of green is a very bright red of the communist, lead by the fanatical Bob Brown, who is a liar and one of the worst perpetrators of this world scam and  he wants total control.
 If the extremists  called ‘greens’ should bring their policies to fruition it will  destroy our economy and our country.
To the point it could bring about an extremely violent reaction from the Australian people when they finally realise that the Greens are deliberately trying to tear  our country apart.
By that time it could be too late. The only consolation would be that every Green would pay severely for their treachery.
Now that you have read their policies, and this is not all of them. Are you still proud you voted for the greens. Will you stand up and accept the blame when this country is devastated for this communist agenda.
Or will you do the right thing by your country and help get rid of these destructive  vandals and traitors.
When you voted for the greens you were given a Poison Chalice that we may never recover from.

Remember that 173 people were burnt to death because of ‘greens’ policies forced on councils who were too weak to deny them.
Also the destruction of over 300 homes and the displacement of over 7000 people.
The Greens have NOT been responsible for even one environmental improvement. They are a farce and liars.
If Australia could  reduce its total CO2 emissions (a harmless gas essential to all life) by 20% as they want to, it would make a difference of .00000016%  or 16 parts per ten millionth to the increase of CO2 in air per year. NOT even measurable.
Following are two similar reports and I urge you to read them and  realise this is not some ‘Wild story. Our future is now in your hands. You are the ones who MUST REJECT the greens and do everything to revoke your vote and stop the communist greens before it is too late.
Terence Cardwell

You'll be voting to end "the mining and export of uranium", worth $900 billion a year.

 You'll be demanding farmers "remove as far as possible" all GM crops, which includes cotton worth about $1.3 billion a year.

You will be voting to close down many other industries, including export of woodchips from old-growth forests, certain kinds of fishing, oil and mineral exploration in wildernesses, and new coal mines.

You'll even be voting to close the Lucas Heights nuclear facility, even though it actually produces treatments for cancer.

In fact, you'll be voting for policies deliberately intended to make us poorer. Less industrialised. Or as the Greens' policy puts it, for a "reduction of Australia's use of natural resources to a level that is sustainable and socially just".

Maybe you think it won't matter if a few industries get shut. Maybe you really are that stupid. But you haven't heard the rest of the Greens' policies yet, have you?

You see, the Greens also plan to shut coal power stations that produce 80 per cent of our electricity. They not only "oppose the establishment of new coal-fired power stations" - claiming they make the planet dangerously hot - but intend to ban new coal supplies for those we already have. And they'll hit power stations with a new tax to make electricity too expensive for you.

Do you have any idea how many businesses would be driven broke by this Green frolic? How many hundreds of thousands of jobs would be lost?

If you think the Greens must have alternative power sources in mind, you're dreaming.
The Greens want to keep Labour’s ban on nuclear power. They even want to scrap government-funded research into carbon capture.

So consider. If the Greens get their way we'll have huge industries banned, businesses driven broke and power prices driven through the roof, with not enough electricity for what industries will be left.

So, with our income slashed to ribbons, what do the Greens propose? Not deep cuts in every government program but a spending spree to make Kevin Rudd seem a miser.
It's free money for everyone. If you vote for the Greens, you're voting for an extra week of holidays for all, "mandated shorter standard working hours", more pay for women workers, higher pay for casuals and better weekly benefits to students and artists.

More pay for less work, at the mere stroke of a Green pen. Isn't that a darling way to reorganise the economy? What could possibly go wrong?

Another $2 billion a year will go to scrap tertiary fees and forgiving all HECs debts.
The Greens lazily assume that the bill will be covered by hiking corporate taxes, hitting the richer 5 per cent of Australians with wealth taxes, and slugging air travellers. Show us your costings, Bob.

I'd be amazed if after a year of two of this that anyone would want to come to a country which by then would be a smoking hole in the ground.

Yet the Greens plan to do their best to attract more people to their new nation of freeloaders. Any "asylum seeker" making it here by boat would be freed into the community within 14 days, security checks permitting, and rewarded with benefits, medical services and school for children. These goodies will be offered to "environmental refugees", too.

A new, militant industrial agenda is also buried in this New Age madness, signalling the arrival in Brown's party of "watermelon Greens" - green outside and red inside.

These, like NSW candidate Lee Rhiannon, seem Green more of convenience than faith, using this doctors' wives party to smuggle in the kind of hard-Left politics that would scare voters if they saw it coming under a hammer and sickle.

This is what a vote for the Greens really means. And it's this party of vandals, tribalists and closet totalitarians that shameless Labour now helps to such threatening influence.. (Ends).

Green Tasmanian Senator Christine Milne recently stated on an ABC 7.30 Report: “We want to see a carbon price as quickly as possible because we want transformation of the whole economy and society”.

The Greens' policies would destroy the Australian economy
Gerard Jackson

Monday 16 August 2010
Senator Bob Brown has emerged as a destructive parasite. A green fanatic living at the public trough whose economic wish list would destroy the Australian standard of living, which is exactly what it is intended to do. Not only has the media overlooked just how elitist and loony Brown's green economics really are so have our rightwing.
In a letter to The Australian (27 June 1991) he revealed his appalling economic illiteracy by defining logging and mining as "resource robbery". According to this brilliant economic theorist and economic
 historian Tasmania is an example of a "post-industrial" society (despite the fact that the state had never been industrialized) because the economy "is not based on dinosaur industries like pulp mills, zinc mills and aluminium mills." (Italics added.)
It completely escaped the attention of this genius that without pulp mills there would be no paper, and certainly no newspapers to promote his lunacy, The same man who uses numerous electrical appliances, drives a car, travels by train, ship and plane, uses computers and cell phones is the same man who seriously asserts that — what he sneeringly calls — the "extraction industries" that supply the raw materials for these devices can be shut down without lowing wages and raising the unemployment rate.
Critics rightly point out the massive cost in terms of lost export earnings if Brown's lunatic policies were implemented. But they miss a vital point: these industries are at the very highest stage of the capital structure. This means closing them down would also close down manufacturing because their products are vital inputs for the lower stages of production that produce capital goods, intermediate goods and consumer goods? (Brown's ludicrous attitude towards the primary sector reminds me of Ralph Nader's insane idea that America's petrochemical industry "might need to be abolished.")
Closing down these industries makes as much economic sense as arguing that we don't need agriculture chewing up the environment because we have plenty of supermarkets to provide us with food. Of course, closing down mining means shutting down the export trade to China.
 That Beijing might consider this a form of green economic warfare has evidently not occurred to Brown. China is not going to allow anyone or any ideology to sabotage its economic development. As Otto Maller said: "If soldiers are not to cross international boundaries, goods must do so". Anyone who ignores the international ramifications of the greens' proposals is not fit to be in politics.
Nothing illustrates Brown's green fanaticism more than his mad proposal to shut down the coal-fuelled power stations that produce 80 per cent of our electricity. He wants to tax these power stations out of existence and put a permanent ban on them.
So where will the electricity come from? According to Brown and his fellow fanatics solar and wind will easily fill the gap.
It seems that Brown goes along with Nader's asinine opinion that "the only reason why solar energy has not yet been developed is that the oil companies don't own the sun". The real reason is that these phony alternatives are horrendously inefficient. They face insurmountable economic and natural obstacles. Even if they were 100 per cent technically efficient they would still be incapable of overcoming their massive economic and technical shortcomings. The problem is that solar power is extremely dilute and terribly irregular. This is why even if it operated at 100 per cent efficiency it still could not compete because the material and land requirements of solar plants dwarf those of centralised power stations, making the difference in costs between the two a staggering amount*.
(Brown's support of solar energy also reveals his hypocrisy. Although he considers power stations to be a blot on the landscape he thinks consuming hundreds of square miles of land to generate the same amount of electricity that a power station generates on a few acres is a good environmental policy. He also believes that "urban sprawl" — what used to be called urban development — should be halted and the little people forced to accept crowded housing conditions. So according to this oily sanctimonious hypocrite new urban estates are bad but covering the land with solar collectors is absolutely marvellous.)
It is an inescapable fact that the very nature of solar technology makes economies of scale impossible because where power stations enjoy indivisibilities that give them economies of scale (average costs fall as output increases) solar and wind complexes suffer terrible diseconomies of scale because they have no indivisibilities, meaning that as they expand the average cost of production rises. The result will be a massive and unsustainable rise in energy prices. (Friends of the CSI smeared me as a "technological pessimist" for pointing out the preceding facts.) A more savage and calculated attack on the standard of living would be difficult to conceive.
Let us recall that even though President Obama publicly admitted that moving over to solar and wind would cause "electricity prices to rocket" (explode is more like it) Brown still insists on lying through his teeth about the devastating effect his energy policy would have on electricity prices and hence the Australian economy. In reference to Tasmania he argues "that it is in the green-backed arena of … labour intensive … small businesses that Tasmania's future job creation lies."
Judging by other comments he has made this view must also extend to the rest of the country. But any honest assessment of his policy leads to the inexorable conclusion that the economy would be shattered and the standard of living reduced to an abject level. And Bob Brown has the gall to assert that he wants to see "the elimination of poverty and an end to the exploitation of children and other vulnerable people."
It has to be understood that real wages are determined by the ratio of capital-land to labour. The higher the ratio the higher will be the standard of living. (By land the economists is referring to its output.) Therefore, as an economy becomes more capital intensive real wages will continue to rise. Brown's policies would virtually make the land inaccessible for development while simultaneously destroying most of the country's capital structure. The effect would be a severe drop in the ratio of capital-land to labour which would drive down real wage rates. In other words, Brown's policies are designed to turn Australia into a labour intensive economy, a fact that he has already admitted.
Other greens have readily conceded that this is their real goal. In their utopia industry will be small-scale and labour-intensive; water, wind and solar power will replace central power generation; communities will be small, largely ,self-sufficient and the large-scale division of labour will be a thing of the past. But our ancestors once lived in such an 'idyllic society' — it was called the Dark Ages where poverty was wretched and life for the masses was "...poor, nasty brutish and short." It was economic growth that lifted the Western masses out of the misery and poverty of what was once their lot and gave them the highest living standards in history. Living standards vastly superior to that enjoyed by any medieval monarch or eastern despot. And now the greens want to destroy that progress.
Jeremy Rifkin, another green fanatic in the mould of Bob Brown, was open about the consequences of green economic policies for the standard of living, confessing that "production will center on goods required to maintain life." However, he did not say who would decide what these goods would be. (I bet Bob Brown could tell him.)
Ernest Callenbach's book Ecotopia was brutally honest about green aims to savagely lower living standards. In his environmental paradise the standard of living will have been massively cut and energy prices kept deliberately high. In case anyone should think that Callenbach's views are out of keeping with what passes for mainstream thinking in green intellectual circles, Ralph Nader, the white knight of the green movement, gave it his stamp of approval. So when Bob Brown tells you that he just wants a "reduction of Australia's use of natural resources to a level that is sustainable and socially just" try to cut through the weasel language and grasp what he really means.
There is no doubt in my mind that Brown is a dangerous fanatic and a callous liar with a vicious ideology that would cause absolute misery if not checked. He needs to be exposed and exposed now.

*The effects of a carbon tax on electricity prices has been calculated by adding the carbon tax per ton to the total costs of electricity generation. Instructive as this approach is it overlooks the vitally point important point that it is impossible for so-called green energy to replace centralised power generation. It is more than likely that the economy would implode before the coal-fuelled power stations could even be priced out of existence. Nevertheless, Christine Milne, Brown's fellow fanatic, proposes that a carbon tax be continually raised on these energy sources until they are forced into bankruptcy. She demanded this be the case by 2020. In effect, she is demanding that within 10 years 80 per cent of our electricity generating capacity must be destroyed.


  1. When will the voters realise, Greens are merely melons.

    Green on the outside, deepest Stalinist red on the inside.

    Scum, every one of them.

  2. Obviously you are NOT aware of WHY black Saturday occured. It was because the Greenies would NOt allow anyone to remove undergrowth in the forest or trees near their homes. It was that undergrowth that supported the massive bushfires and thr trees next to the homes that destroyed the homes and the people in them. I suggest before making comments you do some FACTUAL research. They are DIRECTLY responsible. A KNOWN FACT.
    No good blessing Australia if the greens get their way Australia will need more than blessing.

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