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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Gillard/ Brown  Government begins the  destruction of our economy.
When Bob Brown the leader of the so called ‘green’ movement stood alongside Julia Gillard on the steps of Paliament House announcing to the media the introduction of the Carbon Credit Tax, it was amazing how he made her mouth move without putting his hand up her back and operating her it  like the usual dummy.
Previously I said that she had sold her soul to the devil when she got in bed with Bob Brown and his communist associates. Now that is proving to be very true. She is in his trap and cannot escape.
The proof is the fact that she lied when she said there would be no Carbon tax ( for something that is non existent i.e. manmade global warming.) and then without the slightest hesistation announced there will be a carbon tax whilst saying she never lied.  But she will buy off the people that voted for them by giving them a concession whilst destroying our industry and economy.
The statement it will only cause an increase of 5% is an absolute lie. Everything uses electricity and everyone of those products or services will increase substantially from the ‘flowon’ effect.
The Electricity power Generation Industry is an absolute essential part of our country and has been the main player in making Australia what it is today. Without it the country would be dead. Nothing . No water, no power, no computers, very little food. Industry and commerce would grind to a complete halt. And these idealistic fools want to close it down whilst trying to introduce so called renewable energy in the form of wind and solar power generation, which as a main power source has proven to be a repeatedly total failure all over the world. Yet these fools still insist on ‘going forward’ with their crazy schemes.
The suggestion that this carbon tax will create 31000 jobs is ludicrous, espescially when you consider the amount of people who will be made redundant because industry cannot afford them.
The insulation programme was a failure. The clean coal plant were a failure. The Underground CO2 storage was failure. The ridiculous light bulb fiasco was a failure. Solar panels on roofs are a failure as far as the main grid system is concerned. Everything this Government  touches  is a disaster.
It would be wonderful to have solar power on the roof, water tanks out the back.and be  independent.This is possible on an individual house basis but does nothing for the main power generation system.
The excess from these panels would equate, literally, to less than a small teaspoon in a 200 litre drum and are an irritation to those operating the power generation system.

Julia Gillard wants to introduce a carbon tax for one reason- to claw back the money her and her cronies have wasted on their crazy schemes. Bob Brown wants it because he knows it will destroy our economy.
It has nothing to do with carbon dioxide, an inert harmless gas, which consist only .38% or 380 parts per million in our armosphere. To do the impossible and reduce our emmissions by 20% would make a difference of .00000016%. Yet Gillard and her cronies, controlled by Brown, still try to use the excuse of a ‘carbon tax’.

Julia Gillard and the labor party got back into government by lies and deceit and should be made accountable by calling another election without the interference of the useless ‘independents’ who caused this problem in the first place. Ironically if they had to face re election they would be thrown out on their ears.
The only one with any sense of honesty was Bob Katter.
Julia Gillard should also be charged with fraud and deception and answer a court of law. They are NOT are majority elected government and should NOT be there to destroy this great country.
Be warned if Brown and Gillard continue down this path they will destroy our economy and our way of life.
It is now up to you, the reader, to stop them or pay a very heavy penalty in the future.

Terence .L. Cardwell.

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