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Thursday, March 3, 2011

                                    TELLING FAIRYTALES.

What’s that old saying we used.--‘Telling Fairy Tales’. Another one----‘Out of the mouths of babes.’ And that’s what we got from Julia Gillard about Tony Abbott—‘Telling Fairy Tales’.

How about another one we know-----‘The pot calling the kettle black.’

If ever it applied to anyone it certainly applies to Gillard, Rudd, Garrett, Wong and their cohorts.

For years they have lied and deceived the Australian public, who were naive enough to believe all their endless lies. Trusting a government that was built on deception and ‘Fairy Tales’.

Where do you start?

Perhaps with the so called Global Warming lies or the new name ‘Climate Change,’ because they fell on their face over global warming; now it is completely disproven.

Even though they were well aware of the I.P.C.C.s deception and from the American and European experiences, that Global warming and Renewable energy was the biggest scam and failure this world has seen or ever will see, they continued to tell ‘Fairy tales’ about Thermal power generation and the capabilities of renewable energy sources. i.e. Wind generators and solar power generation farms.

Even with thirty one years of proven results that there is no such thing as manmade global warming or the fact of spending billions of dollars to building thousands of totally unreliable and very expensive wind generators and solar farms have achieved absolutely ZERO.

Not ONE nation has reduced its thermal generation output and in fact they have continued to increase at the normal growth rate.

After thirty one years not ONE of their ‘fairytale’ predictions has eventuated.

Yet knowing this the Rudd/ Gillard Government still tell ‘Fairy Tales’ about thermal power station emissions and the so called pollution from cooling towers which is pure condensation.

They have spent billions of dollars on home insulation programme, domestic solar power generation, solar hot water, wind generators and solar array farms and the whole intention was to reduce thermal power generation. Thus reduce the CO2 output from the chimneys.

The final achievement in carbon dioxide reduction after all of these is NOTHING.

Power generation demand continues to grow at 4% per year and over 85% of this is thermal power which is where the growth rate is. The percentage increase in renewable energy is miniscule in relation to the overall power generation figures.

Because of their desperate efforts to retain the green vote they continue to pander to their ridiculous demands. Wasting billions of dollars ‘chasing butterflies' and telling ‘fairy tales’ and worse still deliberately ‘telling porkies’ to the Australian people.

If anyone doubts that, have a look at the past few weeks when a member elected by the people of this country to the position of prime minister was ‘assassinated’ by a Gillard and here gang because his ratings had fallen.

They went into panic mode in a desperate bid to stay in power.

Not since Roman times when Caesar was assassinated on the steps of the Senate has there been such a devious and sadistic attack, without the slightest compunction or consideration for their former leader.

Yet all they are doing is ‘moving the deckchairs around on the Titanic’.

What were some of those fairytales Gillard recently told;

A. I’m more likely to go to Mars than to be Prime Minister.

B. I’m more likely to sail round the world than to be Prime Minister.

C. I’m more likely to play for the Carlton football club than to be Prime Minister.

D. I have no ambition for the leadership I’m happy where I am.

The best ‘Fairytale’ was the latest one from the mining super profit tax agreement that the government’s resource rent tax regime only reduced the revenue by $1.5 billion.

What she didn’t say was that commodity price forecasts were revised between the two taxes to make it look less. -----Another ‘Fairy Tale’.

At the end of the day’ ‘it is not a level playing field and the goal posts have been moved.’

This government has wasted billions of dollars on crazy schemes like the ‘clean coal’ technology where on one ‘clean coal’ experimental’ power station alone they spent fourteen hundred million dollars and it was an admitted failure.

Also they have spent five hundred million on a thirty megawatt power station out west that is supposed to pump the CO2 underground. It uses sixteen of the thirty megawatts to do it. i.e. 14 megawatt output. Which is ’beyond a joke.’

When is all this madness going to stop and they get back to some form of reality and spend it on our major infrastructures where is should be spent. Roads, water, dams, health, hospitals, etc.

The great farce of the home insulation program that achieved absolutely nothing, cost four lives and spent thousands of millions of dollars. Now they have to undo a major part of it.

Over that alone the government and Garrett should be ‘Hung out To Dry'

Even after all of this they are planning to build many useless wind generators costing billions of dollars throughout Australia even though they know it is a waste of time and your money.

All these decision were made with the input and approval of Ms Gillard and her associates. Now Ms Gillard; says ‘It wasn't me; I didn't do it.' It was Kevin Rudd. He made those decisions on his own.’

And they expect us to believe it. Another ‘Fairytale. They must think the Australian public are fools.

Fair suck of the sauce bottle’.

If it goes ‘pear-shaped, it is no good ‘throwing our toys out of the pram or our teddy in the corner.’ But that’s exactly what they did.

If they get back after the next election they will;

a. Reintroduce the ‘global warming’ scam.

b. Reintroduce the ridiculous carbon credit scheme.

c. Continue to build more useless wind generators and solar array farms.

d. Try again to force the E.T.S. ‘down our throats'.

If the Australian economy was compared to a house. That house would be vandalized, wrecked and garbage strewn everywhere.!!!

Yet when the Howard Government left it was in pristine condition.

If this government gets back into power the Australian public will not get another chance.

Next time will be too late and the great country we once knew will be gone forever.
Handed over to extreme greenies and extreme muslims who want to remove our democratic way of life and replace with the horrendous Sharia law.

This is the Australia we love. Without doubt the finest country in the world –That our parents and grandparents fought for.-Lets keep it that way.

Don’t let their efforts be in vain.

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