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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


One of the worse things we can read in the newspapers is of another car crash resulting in the death of some or all of the occupants.

Worse still, quite often they are young people, who lives have been snatched away in a split second because they made one minor but fatal error. The people of our future.

It is irrelevant whether they were right or wrong –they are still dead.

For the parents and relatives the terrible loss is a heartache and agony that is almost unbearable

that would endure for a long time.

The police, emergency services officers, reporters and journalists have to attend these crashes and I cannot understand how they are not scarred for life with the horror they often have to witness.

The police are continually frustrated trying their best to stop the carnage but can only do so much.

The state and federal governments response to this is NOT to improve the roads- just reduce the speed limit--- problem solved----ridiculous.

Cars, buses, caravans and trucks passing each other at differential speeds of over 200 K.M.H. with only as little as 25c.m. to 50c.m. between them is a scary scenario.

Single lane roads where we have to wait for long periods of time before a driver can even overtake a slower vehicle, creates frustration and impatience and cause drivers to take risks they should not take.

Yet we blindly continue to accept this even though all this carnage can be prevented by the simple use of common sense and logic.
The money that was totally wasted on the crazy, useless roofing insulation programme, the failed clean coal technology and CO2 underground projects, all failures, just to satisfy the insanity of the Greens demands, by the labour party, of $4,500,000,000 plus the removal and correcting the complete foul up of the insulation scheme, another $1,000,000,000.

All this money could have built a separated multi lane expressways from Cairns to Melbourne and have money left over to build dams and hospitals that function correctly.

Had those expressways been built over 85% of those deaths would not have occurred.

The police, emergency service and journalists would not be forced to face the horror of smashed bodies and havoc left behind.

Yet the Australian voters quickly forget the carnage that the greens have created and the unbelievable waste of so much money just to suit a crazy, now disproven idea, about global warming or climate change as they now prefer to call it.

They with their total insanity were also responsible for the death of 173 people, destruction of over 230 homes and the displacement of over 7000 people in the Victorian bushfires.

Australia and its people were looking after our climate long before the greens came along and will do so long after they have gone. The have done nothing to this country except to create massive wastes of money and devastation of homes and industry.

We desperately need to replace the goat track called the Bruce Highway and make it, and all major interconnecting city highways, into expressways. Build more dams and pipe the rivers before it is too late.

This cannot be done when this government is wasting so much money on crazy schemes.

They have on order a huge amount of wind generators to build massive wind farms. Yet throughout the world they have repeatedly proven to be a failure.

A large cost to maintain and operate with substantial failures all over the world.

California went bankrupt trying to use them and after 31 years they still only have 2.3% renewable energy. Yet thermal power continues to grow.

Spain has gone bankrupt, imports power, and has a 20% unemployment, thanks to their involvement with renewable energy.

Germany has also moved away from renewable energy and returned to thermal and nuclear power.

Denmark is yet to reduce one gram of CO2 output with endless windmill failures.

Yet this government, living in their little cocoon, still insist on wasting your money on useless, totally unreliable and inconsistent wind generators and solar farms.

If the greens get control of the Australian senate they will close down power stations, mines, many industries and try to achieve the absolute IMPOSSIBILITY of 100% renewable energy. Australia will suffer dire consequences with an economy and industry in tatters within three years.

Recession will be a picnic compared to the depression we will slide into.

Terence Cardwell


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