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Saturday, June 5, 2010

               AND TEAM FOR A  JOB WELL DONE.

The people of Australia do not realise how difficult a job Kevin Rudd and his team have had to do. The great deal of expertise and ability required to achieved their aims is of the highest order and requires years of training and practice.

This latent talent began when Kevin. Rudd was only a boy and his would catch insects and slowly pull their wings off and then their legs until they were completely helpless.

This skill stood him in good stead when he became prime minister of Australia.

To tear something apart is one thing. To tear a country, its economy and infrastructure is quite another. That requires a team effort unparalleled in Australia history.

Especially when you start from so far behind. Having to begin with;

A. A massive economic surplus that John Howard so selfishly left behind.

B. Highest employment even seen in Australia’s history.

C. John Howard’s reluctance to get involved in crazy global warming hysteria and schemes.

D. A growing mining boom exceeding the most optimistic expectations bringing immense unexpected wealth in taxes and royalties to the government.

E. Excellent profits to the mines who distributed that wealth through high paid staff, equipment. Construction of infrastructure throughout country and research,

F. A large flow on of taxes through employees, large and small businesses benefiting from the boom.

G. Automotive, industrial and mining equipment plant that return huge sales tax returns.

H. A booming Australian economy that promises great things for the future.

To turn all this around would be very daunting and leave a lesser man bowed from the daunting task. But not Kevin and his team. They came up with the right ideas.

A. Allow the greenies to hijack the labour government even though they orchestrated the whole of the global warming scam.

B. Using the ‘global financial crisis’ as an excuse; Give away, for NO benefit, billions of dollars to waste on unnecessary products.

C. Put a idiot in charge of the environment (that left alone, would do a better job of looking after itself.) whose only skill was screaming and twitching as if having convulsions on a stage.

D. Latch on to the ‘Global Warming’ scam to help terrify the nation with falsified doomsday predictions from so called ‘expert’ research, enabling them to waste money on crazy hair brain schemes chasing butterflies.

E. Announce that CO2 is a pollutant and a poison when in truth it is essential part of our existence.

F. Spend billions of dollars on so called ‘Clean coal technology’ and Power stations that use half their generated power to ‘pump’ CO2 underground. Both are miserable failures.

G. ‘Hot rocks’ schemes, where they can pump it down. But they can’t get it back up. Another failure.

H. ‘Insulate every homes’ programme that had ZERO effect on power consumption and ended up a total disaster, Wasting billions of dollars to put it in and more billions to take it out again.
Also putting homes and lives at risk after killing four people..

I. Announce that Australia’s power generation will be 20% renewable energy, even though knowing that it was IMPOSSIBLE and spend more billions of dollars on Wind generators and solar arrays that have already proven in the USA and Europe to be a miserable, expensive failure.

J. When all the money has gone and the country is in massive deficit the aim has almost been achieved-- except the country is still making money.

A REAL problem so how do they stop that.

After much thought they came up with the answer.

Remove the backbone of Australia and kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.

It takes a very special stupidity skill to be able to do that.

Answer; Pure genius!!! Tax the miners so heavy they want to leave.

Create the Emissions Trading Scheme the E T S.-- Simple.

The public woke up to the plan and stopped it. DAMN-- START AGAIN.

Another bright idea; create the Super profit tax and to hell with the public and miners.

Billions of dollars in mining research and development has been suspended and staff are to be sacked and industry has already started to implode. Spending has already dropped substantially.

Substantially reduced income from royalties, taxes, income tax from businesses and employees, sales tax from vehicle and machinery sales, turnover tax, G.S.T. etc. etc.

Spend more money on dole for the resultant unemployed.

Mission accomplished. !!!

If K Rudd and his cohorts get back in government the country will not recover from their untold damage and destruction and Australia will slide into recession and possibly depression.

Terence Cardwell

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