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This blog aims to provides information about a range of power generation sources including Thermal, Geothermal, Gas Fired, Nuclear, Wind, Solar, Hydro and Diesel. I discuss problems in the power generation industry in a realistic and practical manner as well as providing alternative and lateral solutions. You find that this blog will challenge current held beliefs about climate change and global warming.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Never in the history of mankind has there been such a distortion of the truth of one innocuous gas and its supposed damaging effect on our world. That gas is Carbon dioxide, a harmless gas that is used in drinks, dry ice, and is essential to all life on earth.
The deliberate untruths used to get a new government into power, create a world panic (or close to it) and bring together leaders from all over the world to a highly expensive conference in Copenhagen that thankfully ended in abject failure. Clearly the more intelligent leaders are still taking everything that is said with a great deal of scepticism. And rightly so because it is the biggest scam since the 2000 computer millennium bug.

Remember that one. Every computer throughout the world was going to crash unless everyone got these very expensive programmes installed into their computers. Major companies, banks, governments, etc. etc. could not take the risk and spent immense fortunes to protect themselves against the possibility of a world computer crash. The results of such a crash would be catastrophic and the mind boggles at the possible results.
Premier Beattie even brought out a requirement that said the state government would not deal with you unless you were’Y2K’ compliant.
Guess what happened when the clocks changed to the next millennium. Yes you got it right, --Nothing.
The people who would not or could not afford to spend that amount of money did nothing and when they all turned their computers on, on that fateful day, the computers continued as they had always done with NO changes.
Then the lame excuses started pouring forth about why it didn’t happen.

 Governments, major and minor companies who had paid an absolute fortune were completely conned. - Brilliant really! Conned by the so called ‘experts’, researchers and ‘scientists’ who once again proved they don’t have a clue, but their associates made an absolute fortune from installing the ‘new programmes’.

 Once again the public are totally confused and mislead by what they hear from so many so called ‘experts’, ‘professors’, ‘scientists’, ‘researchers’ and politicians who in truth haven’t got a clue about the facts.  So they all present an endless array of untruths and political spin until they now actually believe it themselves. I have come across this again and again as I did my research. 
This in itself could have its funny side except that they are so caught up in the distortions and lies that they are off chasing butterflies and spending billions of tax payers’ money on ridiculous energy projects that don’t have a chance in hell of succeeding.
A prime example is the clean coal technology in Queensland where they spent approx. 1.2 billion dollars chasing butterflies and admitted recently it was a failure and had the temerity to blame the previous government.

My last letter to the editor which was made a separate page has gone global via emails, travelling all over world including the USA, UK, France, Germany, Thailand, China, Egypt, New Guinea and places unknown. It has travelled all over Australia and has been reprinted in a number of papers and loaded onto websites and blogs. The response has been unbelievable and overwhelmingly very positive. I have spent the last three weeks just answering emails from across the world.

The greenies of course didn’t like it and came out like green ants protecting their nest. Their typical retorts like I was working for the mining companies and the ‘instant’ engineer’ who wrote a letter attacking me recently has no idea what he is talking about.  Trying to terrorise  people by talking about ‘tons of gases’ which is typical of their fear tactics.

These people don’t realise the game is up.
 They have been caught red handed defrauding the figures at the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on climate Change) and the infamous hockey stick curve where by now the earth’s average temperatures are supposed to be shooting up catastrophically.
Instead since the late 1990s the world average temperature has been drifting slowly downward.
Europe is in the grip of a cold winter which was predicted by the IPCC experts as being ‘very mild,’ because it suited their predictions. 

Obviously by the world response people are waking up to the biggest scam this century and are sick and tired of being conned and lied to by politicians and those that will profit from your fear.
Later on I will tell you some facts that will shock you.

So what this global warming and climate change all about ?

Firstly there is climate change. Of course there is. We have had it for tens, thousands and millions of years. The world has suffered, ice ages, cyclones, floods ,  many  years of   hot weather, then cool weather, El Ninos, La Nina and so on but NONE of them are manmade.
One cyclone alone has more power and energy than we could ever create with such a miniscule amount of innocuous gas CO2.

The global warming issue was introduced back in 1979 by Kyoto and then  by Al Gore and his people in the 1990s saying many things:
A.                CO2 emissions made by mankind are making our world temperature increase and the consequences will be disastrous unless we reduce our CO2 emissions drastically.
B         The polar caps are melting and the polar bears are dying.
C         The oceans are rising and predicted up to 5mtrs flooding lower lying areas.
D       . The Great Barrier Reef will die and become dead  bleached  coral
E.        The oceans are warming with disastrous consequences for marine life.
F.        Cyclones, floods and severe storms will increase substantially.
G        There 2500 scientists who support global warming.
H        Create a special panel to investigate global warming called The Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change.

  So what has happened .
A.      The IPCC came out with a graph showing how the world temperatures would shoot up called the hockey stick curve.  They were subsequently caught out telling each other how to adjust the figures to achieve the infamous hockey stick curve see graph attached.    Also research  climategate.
Instead of the average  world temperature going up it has drifted down slightly since the late 1990s. As would be expected.

B.     The polar caps have been increasing since 2007 almost back to their earlier levels. The polar bear population has actually increased NOT decreased.

C.     Since 1850 to 2006 the ocean levels increased very slowly by 30mm that’s one and a quarter inches in the old scale or about the width of your thumb. Since 2006 it has been level.

D.    Only last week a number of scientists, experts on the Great Barrier Reef, have said the barrier Reef is doing great and shows no ill effects.

E.      The sea temperatures have been relatively constant only varying with natural flow and the El Nino / La Nina effect.

F.     Last year we had less cyclones and storms  than previously.

G.    The IPCC are now in total disgrace throughout the world for their deliberate gerrymandering of the figures to suit the requirements of their employers.

H   Of the 2500 scientists only 600 looked at the science involving CO2.
     Only 308 were part of the second review process.
     Of that 308 only 62 reviewed the last chapter, which looked at what to attribute the    cause of climate change.
    Of that 62 only 7 reviews were independent and of the 7, 2 did not agree with the final statement, that there is a 90% certainty CO2 causes climate change.

On the other hand there are 35000 independent scientists from throughout the world who have signed a petition saying there is no conclusive evidence that CO2 causes climate change.

The Government sojourn to Copenhagen with 124 delegates and $1,500,000 spent was a complete failure and thank goodness it was we came very close to losing control of our country.!!
When Kevin Rudd was asked by Allan Jones if he had read the whole agreement he said no. He said his staff had read it for him. What he failed to realise was that he was about to sign over control of our country to a world government who would tell us what we can and cannot do, what we could grow and sell., etc. etc
AND we were to give them 2% of our GDP which equates to – ready for this-- 7 billions dollars per year to give away as they wish.
All your taxes and your hard work given away to the likes of Mugabe the despot.

2009 was one hell of a ride as the whole world clawed its way back from the abyss of a recession or worse, a financial collapse. Australia was one of the more fortunate ones thanks to the huge surplus left behind by the previous Government. With the determination that Australians have, we pushed ahead to keep our economy out of recession. And we succeeded.
Now Mr Rudd and his crew want to go ahead with this Emissions Trading Scheme, which will for everyone, devastate our economy, from which we may not recover.
If you don’t believe it then ask anyone you work for , especially the larger companies.

You don’t have to believe any of this. All I ask is that  you do some research and find the truth.
Listed below are a few useful websites and links you could look at then carry on from there.

It is your country. Our parents worked too long and too hard and fought many wars to make this country what it is today. Don’t let them give it away.

Terence Cardwell

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